Important Advice for First Time Vape Users Regarding E-Liquid Selection

Important Advice for First Time Vape Users Regarding E-Liquid Selection

If you are new to vaping then you are also new to e-cigarette and e-liquids. Having the right set of knowledge is important when it comes to the e-juice selection process. There are as many variations and flavors available, as you can imagine. 

  • You can also make your selection from amongst nicotine-yes and Nicotine-free type e-juice
  • Before selecting, you need to be aware of the kick percentage.
  • You also have to understand the health benefits – if any, before purchasing. 

This means that before you invest money, try and collect details always ensure you approached only licensed Geekvape UK dealers. 

No matter what flavor you prefer – drink, exotic, or fruity, short-listing right dealer is important. They are the best professionals who can guide you for making the right choice. 

Focus on the ingredients list 

Vapes are pure extracts, but they may be modified to provide better experience and taste. This is why you have thousands of different flavors and variations. In each case, the base ingredients make a difference. 

You have an option to make your selection from amongst Propylene or Vegetable Glycerin types. This factor is important because any e-liquid would contain 90 percent of either of the two-ingredient base. Remaining 10 percent can be added flavor. 

The selection may usually depend on the fact if you want a light or strong flavor. 

Check with your e-cigarette type 

Not all types of e-liquids may be suitable for any e-cigarette. When searching the market you may come across thousands of different types of devices. Each one operates is a very distinct mode. They are not the same. 

This means your selection of e-liquid also has to be different in each case. Some devices can use concentrate extracts while others may be designed for dry vape experience. This factor you need to keep in mind before you select e-liquid. 

Now go for e-liquid quality 

This is one of the most important factors to consider, as it depends more on the type of device you are using. It will also depend on your personal experience of vaping. You may have the benefit to select any concentration e-liquid. 

You may have to decide amongst PG or VG factors, but there still are multiple options. Both PG and VG types of e-liquids may be available at a higher and lower ratio. Based on the quality satisfaction level will vary. 

Focus on kick percentage 

A high concentrate type, in general, will offer you higher kick levels. High concentrates are the best options for individuals who are addicted to vapes. Low concentrates are better options for beginners. If you are new to Ultimate puff eliquid experience, then it is recommended to go for a low concentrates type. 

If you are using low concentrate types then you still get the same taste and satisfaction,may regular users prefer low concentrates. 

Vapor quality 

The final point to consider is the quality of the vapor you prefer. You can select e-liquid that produces high vapor concentrates. This is also linked with the style factor. People who vape within groups always prefer e-liquids that produce excess vapor 

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, you can also focus on flavor grades. Different brands will offer different flavor grades.

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