How E-Cigarettes Are Winning The Battle Against Tobacco Cigarettes


How E-Cigarettes Are Winning The Battle Against Tobacco Cigarettes
Smoking is one activity that people are doing for ages. Historians even found evidence that people over 3000 years ago used to smoke tobacco. However, tobacco cigarette smoking is slowly becoming unpopular among the young generation. Instead of their place, E-cigarettes are gaining huge popularity.

Currently, vaping is a new trend in the smoking world. Every year, the numbers of vape-loving people are rising and soon it might outgrow more than cigarette smoking people. There are few reasons behind the popularity of vaping. Let’s learn why E-cigarettes are winning the battle against tobacco cigarettes.

Why vaping is gaining so much popularity?

  • Cost

All governments around the world put heavy taxes on tobacco products. As a result, the prices of cigarettes are becoming expensive every day. These days, smoking tobacco cigarettes has become a burden for smokers. Hence, smoking tobacco cigarettes is becoming unaffordable for many people.

On the other hand, a vaping product like Anarchist Eliquid is not a tobacco product. So, the government does not tax these products much. As a result, vaping products are much more inexpensive compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

  • Health

Youth these days are very health conscious. They know very well about tobacco products and how these products cause harm to their health. For this reason, most youths are now refusing to smoke regular tobacco cigarettes. Instead, they are looking for better health-friendly alternatives.

Vaping products do not contain nicotine or any other toxic elements. Most vaping products contain water, flavoring agent, and glycol. All of these things are natural and harmless for health. Hence, compared to regular tobacco cigarettes they are more health-friendly. It is another reason, why the youth love E-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes.

  • Safety hazard

Regular tobacco cigarettes need fire to operate. The open flame of the cigarette has cause many fire accidents. For this reason, they are not allowed in many places due to safety reasons. Another problem with regular cigarettes is that they produce lots of carbon dioxide. So, smoking cigarettes in a confined location can be dangerous.

You don’t have to face such problems with E-cigarettes. Most places allow E-cigarettes because they do not produce carbon dioxide when smoking. When you smoke E-cigarettes, it only produces water vapor and mimics the feeling of smoking. Similarly, there are no fire risks associated with E-cigarettes, because they operate with a battery and do not generate open flame like tobacco cigarettes.

Along with these issues, social acceptance has become a big challenge for tobacco cigarettes. These days, no one likes to be around cigarette smokers because they cause very bad breath. On the other hand, the flavoring agent gives the vape a sweet fragrance. Most girls love the sweet smell of Kingston Eliquid and they love to be around those people who smoke it.

Slowly but surely, tobacco cigarettes are losing the battle against E-cigarettes. The days are not far when everyone will give up tobacco cigarettes and accept E-cigarettes as their alternative. When it comes to health issues, E-cigarettes are a much more wise choice for everyone.

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