Nobody can deny that smoking a cigarette creates an awful mess.  All smokers are familiar with dusting off their shirts after having a smoke.  While vaping you don’t need to sweep or vacuum the floor for ash and dust. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that people use to heat liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. The solution contains nicotine that provides the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke.

Vaping is all about the flavor and you can buy the best vape juices to get the best experience. The SMOK TFV16 Tank is the latest and best vape tank from SMOK, featuring their biggest diameter and largest juice capacity. TFV16 Tank is ideal for high wattage sub-ohm vaping has the largest capacity and diameter truly and royally marks the return of the king. The sealed top-fill design prevents leakage and makes the top of the tank look clean.

The SMOK TFV16 Tank has the combination of power, charm, and the design of the very popular SMOK TFV series that will impress you with its new bright spots. The TFV16 is made of stainless steel and is solid and durable. The upgraded bulb pyrex glass tube featuring the largest juice capacity to ensure sustaining vape enjoyment without adding the e-liquid frequently.

The SMOK TFV16 feels smooth and the cap opening and the glass untwisting are extremely satisfying.  The sealed top-fill feels durable and locks with a slight push and allows a little bit of pressure to open to avoid the accidental push of the button.

The process to fill the SMOK TFV16 Tank

For this, you have to press the button and open the top cap anticlockwise. Now fill the TFV16 Tank with your favorite e-liquid through the kidney-shaped filling port. After this, close the top cap firmly and make it lock into place.

The process to replace the SMOK TFV16 Coil

To replace the SMOK TFV16 coil first unscrew the base and remove the expired coil. Install the new coil in the base and then add some drops of e-juice. Then screw the tank back and fill it with e-juice. After this, leave the tank stand for 5 min to make the cotton fully saturated. 

Vaping is very common nowadays and it is also done by people to quit smoking. If you love vaping and want to enhance your overall vaping experience then buy the best quality of Geekvape UK at reasonable prices.

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