Essential Tips To Enjoy Vaping Like A Professional

Essential Tips To Enjoy Vaping Like A Professional

Vaping produces a very thick vapor. This is why you will get to enjoy all vape tricks. Anyone can vape like a professional. You can show off when vaping in public as well. There are different types of smoke tricks that you can practice to master vaping.

The best advantage of vaping is that the tricks are easy to learn and perform. To get perfect, you just need to practice the tricks mentioned here below.

  • Always ensure that you have selected the right vape device and juice
  • You also need to ensure that you perform the tricks in an enclosed space
  • You may have to adjust the device as per requirements
  • The preparation task

If you want to master the tricks, always ensure that you are using a good vape device like Aspire Zelos 3. You can also search for the best device online. You may have to make few adjustments to the vape juice so you get desired results.

Always ensure that the device tank is filled with quality vape juice. Do not over-heat the device as it may not produce thick vapor. It is also important to check the performance of the device. The mouthpiece should not be clogged.

  • Try out the ghost inhaling trick

This is one of the easiest vape tricks. When performing this trick always ensure that you select nicotine-free vape juice. You may have to inhale a large volume of vapor to perform this trick.

To get started, you can inhale the vapor and then exhale it out slowly once you exhale; the vapor has to be inhaled back again. If the vapor is thick you will be able to perform this trick best. The exhaled vapor can be inhaled back two or three times as well.

  • The Irish waterfall trick

This type of vape trick is also known as the French inhale trick. To perform this trick you may have to fill the vapor in the mouth. Then you should slowly release the vapor through the mouth. 

The exhaled vapor can then be inhaled back through the nostrils. Performing this trick is not easy, especially if you are not used to taking the vapor through the nostril. It may require a lot of practice in the initial stages. 

To perform this trick you may also have to adjust the lower and upper jawlines. Do not select vape juice that is rich in nicotine or CBD flavor.

  • The tornado trick

This is one of the best tricks but only for professionals. This type of trick is not easy to perform, and in most cases, you may not get it right the first time. You will have to create a tornado-like effect using the combination of the vapor and hands.

To perform this trick you also need to use a good quality device like Voopoo Argus Kit UK. The drag that you inhale should be thick and visible. 

If you want to vape like a professional, then you need a lot of practice. Each trick has to be mastered. It is suggested to practice all on your own first before you can share the tricks with others. You also need to invest money in good juice and device.

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