Enjoy Strong And Tasty Vaping Experience

Enjoy Strong And Tasty Vaping Experience

Presenting the LUXE II, this is packed with the game-changing AXON CHIP as well as a much-improved user interface. The PULSE MODE offers a terrific throat punch on a consistent basis.

The LUXE II provides a tasty and strong vaping experience because of the use of NRG-S tank-packed GT MESH coils in its design. The LUXE II, with its most eye-catching 2.0" TFT color screen and sleek appearance, is immediately remarkable upon first glance, and it should be.

Intuitive operating system

As a result of updating to the most recent AXON processor and providing an intuitive operating system, Vaporesso Luxe 2 lowers the bar for entry-level users and makes them more comfortable with technology.

The powerful AXON microprocessor creates a responsive vape that can utilize a new PULSE MODE, which boosts the inhalation per 0.02s to provide you with constant performance every time you inhale.


The LUXE II comes with the NRG-S Tank, which is equipped with mesh GT coils and is powered by the PULSE MODE, providing an amazing vaping experience with big amounts of vapor, excellent flavour, and continuous throat hits.

·         Featuring an updated user interface shown on a breath-taking 2.0" TFT color screen

·         This device is more user-friendly for entry-level vapers.

·         The capability of the device also allows advanced vapers to explore their own unique vape through its functionality

·         The IML display is perfectly aligned with the curving surface of the surface

·         The great color saturation and transparency of LUXE II is a visual feast for the eyes to enjoy

Get to know more about the new KOKO Prime, which features 690mAh batteries, magnet decorative panels, and is compatible with Caliburn G Pods & Coil Series. The body of this KOKO Prime is made of robust zinc-alloy and is ergonomic & portable, readily fitting in the palm of the hand, a pocket, a handbag, or a book bag.

The Caliburn KOKO Prime, which comes with a 2mL refilling pod from Caliburn G, employs the Caliburn G Heating elements to generate exceptional vapor and flavor with 0.8ohm meshed coil & adds an extra 1.0ohm FeCrAl wire for individuals who are more flavors focused and enjoy the MTL component of vaping.

Built-in battery

This KOKO Prime is equipped with a built-in battery that can be recharged using the Type-C USB port whilst providing long-lasting battery life.

Caliburn Prime is the most recent incarnation of the highly regarded Caliburn line of pod kits. The Koko Prime has the same tiny sleek design as the classic Caliburn Koko, and it is powered by a built-in battery that has a maximum output of 15W.

In addition to using a replaceable coil approach, customers can customize their vape by rotating the direction in which the pod is inserted, resulting in a more personalized experience. The Koko Prime, which is suitable with Caliburn G pods & coils, is an excellent choice for vapers of all skill levels, especially those who are transitioning from smoking.

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