Eliquid UK and Dry Herb Vaporiser UK

Eliquid UK and Dry Herb Vaporiser UK

Eliquid is quite prevalent these days because the product has become a style statement among youngsters as well as elders. It is being consumed more than ever now and has surpassed the allegations that it is hazardous for health. 

Eliquid is a liquid that is converted into vapor with the help of e-cig. It is manufactured in a professional lab setting and only trained personnel and those experts in chemistry can form the fine blend of ingredients to make vapor. Three among the four ingredients are food grade hence it is not that hazardous for health as a pure cigarette. 

The four main ingredients of eliquid uk are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine. The nicotine in the eliquid is pharmaceutical grade and is extracted directly from plants such as a tobacco plant. 

Along with eliquid there are also dry herb vaporizers. These vaporizers are quite different from eliquid vaporizers or concentrate vaporizers. Instead of liquid, or oil from the plant they directly vape the herb. When a user directly burns herb and consume it, it can be risky for his health. Therefore a dry herb vaporizer comes for his rescue. Instead of burning the herb it simply heats them at some lower temperatures until the vapor boils off. Also you can have a control on what you are vaping as you load vaporizer with dried herb. Vaping herbs are like smoking without a smoke. Therefore they are very different from a vape pen, as vape pens only vaporize liquids or oil concentrate. 

Earlier there was only desktop Dry herb vaporiser available in market, which was built for serious vaporists. It could be hung and plug into a wall and had unlimited power. But now there are portable dry herb vaporizers also in the market. It easily fits into your pocket and is liberating for vaporists. These vaporizers are highly affordable and easy to use. Users should however be careful while using such products, as excess consumption can lead to addiction, which is not good and safe. 

Based on the above facts it will be unfair to say that e-liquids and dry herb vaporizers are dangerous for human health. Yes, they do have their repercussions but still it is not as harmful as a normal cigarette. But while consuming e-liquids users must be aware that it is not 100% food grade. It includes nicotine, which is not safe if used in high quantity. Hence while consuming it a person must be well aware about its ingredients and always go for a better quality product like the one provided by UK Vapor Waves. They sell high quality e-liquids that pass quality standards and are safe to consume in limited quantity.

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