Easy Signs to Understand Before You Change the Vape-Device Coil

Easy Signs to Understand Before You Change the Vape-Device Coil

Vape coils should be replaced at just the right time. First-time users are generally unaware of this fact that bad performing coil can impact the vapor quality. Many signs indicate the time when you just need a new vape coil. 

  • Replacing the coil at the right time will be more cost-effective for your device
  • You can consult Geekvape UK dealers to get the job done
  • Pay attention to vapor quality every time you vape 

There are facts that you should be aware of regarding coil replacement. Always be open to identifying these signs before the device gets useless. 

Vapor quality 

Good coil quality will produce the desired heat to burn the e-liquid or dry herb product. In both cases, you need the device to reach a certain temperature. If the coil is not function, it may never reach the right temperature. 

This will directly affect the vapor quality. So when vaping you feel the vapor quality is not the same, then it’s time to consider replacing the coil immediately. Worn out coil will either get under or overheated when in use. 

Burnt taste 

Coils that reach extremely high temperatures will burn away the vape herb or e-liquid. When vaping, you will notice the difference in the smell and taste. If you feel the vapor produces a foul smell then it has to be replaced. 

Overheating, e-liquid can affect the vapor quality and leave you dissatisfied. You may not get to enjoy the quality taste and aroma of a quality product. Get rid of the old coil as soon as possible. 

Taste difference 

New coils will always offer the best taste of the e-liquid. This is one of the best indicators that the coil is still in good health. After regular intervals, it is advisable to keep checking with the taste factor. The moment you notice a slight difference, just get the coil replaced. 

The new coil will also use up complete e-liquid and dry herb products. If you find residues left over then it is necessary to check with the coil quality. Cheap coils will also not burn out the e-liquid completely. Fake coils should never be used in quality vape devices. 

Identify the gurgling sound 

New coils always produce a very unique sound. Gurgling sounds are generally produced if the vape tank is leaking. Leakages can easily burn out the coil much earlier. Even if you are using Ultimate puff eliquid but bad coil will never produce the desired results. 

If you notice a gurgling sound then you need to check with the coil condition. If you continue to use the same coil, then it can burn out the vape tank completely. 

Vape thickness 

Quality coils will produce thick vapor right in the first puff. If you have to pull too hard to generate the desired amount of vapor then the coil condition is not too good. Poor performing coils should not be used in the vape devices. 

Coils are cheap to replace. If not replaced on time, then you may have to invest money in purchasing a new device. This can be an expensive choice. Always check with coil health regularly.

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