E-cigarette: What All You Need to Know About It?


The explosion of Ecigarette in uk has turned out to be the most heated topic in public debates. Some people say that it helps in saving lives while some say that the new generation is getting hooked on it.  

So, if you want also want to know about e-cigarette in detail then this is an absolutely right place. In this blog, you will come to know about e-cigarette. 

What is an e-cigarette? 

An E-cigarette is a slender and battery-powered device that evaporates liquid nicotine to reproduce conventional smoking. It can give you the same experience as a smoking cigarette but the buzz comes straight from the nicotine in vapor and not smoke.  

When you inhale from an e-cigarette mouthpiece then the device immediately first powers up and then starts heating some liquid nicotine that is present in an insertable cartridge.  

Therefore, the boiling nicotine starts to flow through the device and then ultimately into your mouth.  

However, you can now easily find e-cigarettes in different shapes as well as sizes that appear like regular cigarettes. In the market, you can find almost 500 e-cigarette and more than 7,000 flavors. All the e-cigarettes offer different amounts of carcinogens, nicotine, and toxins.  

Do e-cigarettes help smokers to quit smoking?

E-cigarettes often help people in quitting tobacco cigarettes, while it is also beneficial for adult smokers because it is considered as a great substitute for several other smoked tobacco products.   

However, it is not safe for young adults, youth, pregnant women as well as adults who do not use any kind of tobacco products.  

Does an e-cigarette have a bad effect on your health?

When compared to traditional cigarettes, vaping an e-cigarette has fewer effects on health. E-cigarettes are also considered safe to use than regular cigarettes. They are also a healthy alternative to smoking because e-cigarettes help in coping with the nicotine cravings.  

You won’t suffer from coughing and wheezing because an e-cigarette does not produce any kind of tar or carbon monoxide. As a result, your airways are completely clear. 

For most smokers, smoking tobacco cigarette increases the chances of cancer but vaping decreases the risk by almost 95% as an e-juice is prepared using nicotine, a base, and a flavor. While a regular cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals.  

Say goodbye to the bad smell

Being a smoker, you must know the struggle with the bad smell that tobacco cigarettes leave everywhere. They not only make you smell like an ashtray but also the smell gets stuck in the place where you smoke like car, bedroom, etc.  

But this is not the case with an e-cigarette because the odor from vaping is quite pleasant. This is because the e-liquid which is evaporated with vaping does not contain any kind of toxic chemicals which is present in the tobacco cigarette.  

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