Disposable 7000PUFFS Magic Bars

Disposable 7000PUFFS Magic Bars

This beast has serious power. When using a DTL and Mesh coil in the Magic Bar Ultimate 7000puffs, the resulting cloud production and throat hit are reminiscent of those produced by high-powered vape mods and tanks. Highly Convenient and Lightweight The 550mAh battery within the disposable pod gadget Magic Bar uses allows it to handle more than 600 puffs. TPD-compliant since it contains 2ml of liquid and 2% nicotine. Take your love of Magic Bar Max 4000 to a completely new level! Dual airflow modes (MTL and DTL) and large-capacity batteries are also included. 

It can provide 20 milligrams of nicotine and has a 650-mAh battery. The Calypso Vape Disposable series is the first disposable gadget available, giving consumers a better alternative because of its superior taste, reliable construction, and affordable pricing. Compared to competing disposable electronic cigarettes, it offers the most natural flavor and longest-lasting taste performance. The refined and cleaner flavor will take your breath away.


· Anise and dark blackcurrant combine perfectly in this delectable blend, like the hard purple candies.

· Blueberry Grape is a delicious candy that combines a bubblegum base with natural grape juice and real blueberries for a unique and delightful flavor.

· Brilliantly exploding blueberries explode on your tongue, unleashing an incredibly delicious ice fruit entourage.

· The sourness of the pomegranate complements the freshness of the blueberries that burst out—a delicious flavor explosion.

· The new Blueberry Sour Raspberry will send your taste senses into overdrive.

· Intense flavors of black cherries and fresh mint. Frozen cherries' concentrated sweetness will send your taste senses into a frenzy.

· Tobacco flavors those are both sweet and smooth! This is your product if you want your tobacco flavors to be robust.

· An explosion of exotic fruit tastes, including sweet guavas, salty watermelons, and sour lemons. Enjoy a delicious taste that lasts all day, packed with your desired juiciness.

·  It has the perfect tropical mix of acidic kiwi notes, passion fruit, and guava, an unusual mixture!

·  The ideal combination of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, with just a touch of menthol for an all-day vape.

·  The juicy peaches' flavor takes center stage, and the cool menthol works well.

· Indulge in some tangy and sweet pink lemonade vape juice with just a hint of sparkle.

· A refreshing beverage made with sliced apples, carbonated soda, and ice.

·  Infused with just the proper amount of acidic flavors, this green apple combination will keep your taste senses guessing.

·  The fruity combination is famous for its contrasting softness and crispness. The inhale is loaded with flavors, beginning with the sweetness of the strawberry and continuing with the cream, and finishing with the coolness of the ice.

·  The combination of strawberries and watermelon makes for a beautiful fruit salad. This is the next all-day vape you need to try.

· This vape juice has a background of bubble gum and a taste profile that combines juicy strawberries with crisp watermelon.


This Magic Bar Vape can be recharged and powered, but its useful life is quite limited. You may only attempt a maximum of three times.

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