Demystifying E-Liquid Puff Count Calculation

Demystifying E-Liquid Puff Count Calculation

If you're an avid vaper who finds it difficult to set aside your device, you'll know that your E-Liquid is likely to run out sooner than you'd like. Furthermore, vape devices with a higher power, such as sub-ohm kits, which generate denser clouds using elevated temperatures, are more likely to consume your vape juice at a faster rate. Essentially, the more potent the device, the quicker your E-Liquid will be used up.

Puff count is a useful metric to determine the usage duration of disposable vapes. But, when it comes to traditional E-Liquids and vape kits with different batteries and coils, the calculation can be tricky. Nevertheless, we can still estimate the approximate number of puffs you can get from your E-Liquid.

How you can get more puffs in your E-Liquid

· Go for an E-juice with elevated nicotine content

Choosing a stronger e-juice with a higher nicotine level is the first step to having a plentiful supply of e-liquid, as it will require fewer pulls to achieve a higher concentration of nicotine and conserve your e-liquid.

· Use lower-wattage vape devices

To extend the longevity of your e-juice, consider reducing the wattage on your device as much as possible. This can affect the temperature, cloud thickness, and how quickly you consume your liquid. That's why most devices offer different wattage options. By lowering the wattage, Lost Mary disposable devices produce less vapor and use less e-juice. For instance, a 20W vape will consume e-juice at a slower pace than a 40W vape.

· Pick high-resistance coils

Your vaping device's coil determines the amount of electricity it uses. Sub-ohming with low resistance coils at low wattage is not advisable as it will result in a lack of vapor and throat hit. Low-resistance coils require more power to function properly, so raising the ohms coil is necessary for a satisfying and efficient vaping experience.

· Keep track of your vaping habits

Regardless of the vaping device or e-juice you use, failing to control your vaping habits will lead to a shortage of supplies. If you notice yourself vaping too often, it's time to exercise discipline and only vape when necessary. Keep a record of when and how you vape to identify areas for improvement. You can use a journal, a phone app, or one of the numerous vaping-tracking apps to monitor your intake.

Easily calculate the expected puff count in your E-Liquid using this simple technique

It can be tough to determine the exact number of puffs because of several variables. Still, disposable devices can serve as a guide. We know that a device containing 2ml of E-Liquid (with a 20mg strength and a 50/50 ratio) generally employs a low-powered battery compared to more advanced kits. This translates to roughly 600 puffs, depending on how often you vape.

If you use a 10ml Xxx vape liquid in a low-powered device like a pod kit, you could potentially obtain up to 3000 puffs. Xxx vape liquids are ideal for low-powered devices because of their higher nicotine strength and thicker vape juice. As such, a bottle should last you for approximately 3-5 days, depending on your vaping habits.

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