Customize The Style, You Vape

Customize The Style You Vape

Non-smokers can also partake in the social smoking aspect, without even stepping into the smoking habits. E-vaping is a far cost-effective method of smoking. While the initial price of pen-style vaporizers and vape mods might be more expensive than an individual pack of cigarettes, they last for a longer time. 

Post investment, costing is alleviated to just a proportion of the cost of traditional smoking. They come with batteries that are rechargeable. E-liquids which cost from below $10 to just under $25, lasts for even months. Buying one single bottle of vape rather than buying packs of cigarettes can save you up to hundreds of dollars annually.

Fun and Flexibility - 

Broadly, there are 2 cigarette flavors; traditional tobacco cigarettes and menthol ones.

With vaping, you may get tons of flavors. They have a broad range of flavors including- strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, cherry, clove, menthol, apple, coconut, grape, and many others. You are having much to discover and get on your favorite flavor today.

These deep ranges of flavors do not limit till here. You can even mix them and create your favorite and special one!! 

And of course, you don’t get this option with those traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

It helps to control your nicotine intake – 

  • You get a certain amount of tobacco every time you inhale the traditional cigarettes. You most often, do not have an idea that how much tobacco you are consuming. 
  • But with vaping, you can control the amount of nicotine you are taking. E-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strength. Which generally varies from 0 to 36 mg? Go with the amount of nicotine that perfectly suits you. Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank is one of the best options for new switchers out there. It is easy to use and supports MTL vaping. 

No nasty smell –

If you smoke a cigar, the smell of it can linger on your clothes, hands, and even hair for hours. Switch to a vaporizer alternative to avoid the nauseating smell of traditional cigar smoke. Whether you are looking for a herbal or an organic kit, you can get all of them easily in one single place. A wide range of colors like black, gunmetal, blue, etc is offered over Aspire Zelos 3 Mod, which provides a sleek look. For daily vaping, there is also a puff counter for you. It is fitted with 5 output modes and 0.96 TFT color screen. 

Get rid of the unappealing smell of traditional cigars and shop at

And start to smoke-free of smell today itself. We offer stylish and beautifully crafted kits. We encourage you to quit your hazardous traditional tobacco smoke and let you switch to a healthy and nicotine-less solution. We are among the most liked stop for E-cigarettes due to our dedicated service and care. Trust us, there are so many benefits to choosing vape over cigarettes.

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