Smoking and pregnancy are two disparate things. Smoking women risk having a sick child. How to reduce the dose of nicotine and get rid of addiction with a vape?

Humans have known for a long-time what harm smoking causes to health - children have been told about possible diseases and problems since early-hood. No one can directly ban tobacco, and each person decides for himself whether to smoke or not. Everything changes when a woman who smokes plans a pregnancy. After all, now you need to take care and be responsible not only for yourself, but also for your foetus - the unborn child. It is known that tobacco smoking has a detrimental effect on the embryo - children of smoking mothers are born weaker and with abnormalities. Sharp rejection of nicotine is a difficult and responsible step, so expectant mothers wonder - is it possible to smoke e-cigarettes with e-liquid UK during pregnancy?

What does medicine say?

The main harmful components of cigarettes are tobacco and carbon monoxide. In electronic devices ande-liquid UK, the composition contains nicotine - an active substance that is contained in tobacco. It is what our body needs all the time.
There have been no world-confirmed studies on the effects of e-cigarettes.
However, an experiment by an independent research group in Athens showed that the harm caused by an e-cigarette was 200 times lower than that of conventional tobacco products. At the same time, dangerous substances in the juice of CBD UK were called nicotine and propylene glycol. Summing up the research, scientists report that the use of non-silicon fluid reduces the risks even more, and propylene glycol is used as a basis for hygiene products and decorative cosmetics.

Positions of companies

To protect pregnant women, vaping firms leave a mark on the pack, which does not recommend them to soar. The task of each woman is to decide for themselves whether they believe the right decision to choose between nicotine and the future child.

How to move from tobacco to Vaping?

The need for large doses of nicotine develops over time and sits tightly in the body. Some believe that quitting smoking is the only and best way out of the situation. In fact, the body experiences a huge stress without the necessary substance; it can be fraught with a change in eating behaviour, hormonal background and so on.

It is better to limit yourself in nicotine in advance. To do this with minimal harm to the unborn child, go from smoke to steam - so it will be much easier to get used to a cigarette, and the fruit will not receive tobacco combustion products.
The ideal option is to quit smoking so that by the time of conception the addiction disappeared altogether. If it was not possible to do it - it is advisable to switch to steam CBD UK as soon as possible, so that by the middle of pregnancy completely abandons any devices. Any nicotine exposure entails high risks of miscarriage, disease and disruption of the child's internal organs.
If you are a mother-to-be or just planning to conceive, remember that from now on not only you will be responsible for your actions - your diet and lifestyle will affect the development of the foetus and its health in thefuture.

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