5 New Eliquid Flavours That You Can Try This Year

5 New Eliquid Flavours That You Can Try This Year

How your vaping experience will depend on two factors. The first factor is the vape kit and the second factor is the Eliquid that you try. Currently, there are Eliquids from different brands are available to vape lovers. Let’s check out some of the best Eliquid vape brands that you can trust in the year 2022.

1.      IVG

This Eliquid brand is famous in the UK for its quality and exotic flavors. From this Eliquid brand, you can experience some different types of vape flavors. Some of the most popular Eliquid flavors from this brand are Classic Menthol, Aloe Grape Ice, Raspberry Lemonade, Cola Ice, etc. Due to its exotic flavor profile, IVG Eliquid has been able to capture a big portion of the UK vape market very quickly.

2.      Milkman

This vape brand has gained a reputation among vape-loving people for its premium quality Eliquids. Whether you are a new or regular vape user, you will love their exotic Eliquids. Some Eliquids from this brand that has gained huge popularity in the UK are Churrios, Crumbleberry, Hazel, Lemon Pound Cake, Mango Creamsicle, Little Dipper, etc. Although most of these Eliquids cost little more than average, their exotic flavors are worth the price.

3.      Hangsen

Hangsen is also a reputed Eliquid brand that you should try this year. This Eliquid brand is available in the UK market for a long time. Hence, you can trust this Eliquid brand without any doubt. Some of the new Eliquid flavors they have introduced to the vape market this year are Virginia G, Ice Mint, RY4, Blueberry, etc. You would love these Eliquid flavors on the first go if you are new to the vape world.

4.      VU9

It is a British vape brand that sells all vape products. From this brand, you will find some flavourful Eliquids at a budget price. This vape brand is present in the British market for a while. For this reason, you can trust their Eliquid products. Some of their flavourful Eliquids available in the market are Cloud chase, Totally Fogged, Suicide Bunny, Bella Ciao, Jack Rabbit, etc.

5.      Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape is a very budget-friendly Eliquid brand. As a result, Vampire Vapes Eliquid has gained huge popularity among regular vape users. From this brand, you can some of the most flavourful Eliquids at an affordable price. Some of the most popular Eliquid flavors from this brand are Highland Brew, Pineapple & Grapefruit Fizz, Orange Soda, Pinkman, Heisenberg flavor, etc. Due to strict quality control, you will always find quality Eliquids from this brand.

The vape experience only gets better when you pick the right Eliquid from a trusted brand. Always check reputed vape stores for these Eliquids. These days, you will get all these Eliquids from reputed online stores. The best part of shopping for these Eliquids from an online store is big discounts. You won’t get big discounts if you buy these Eliquids from your local retail stores. You will also get genuine Eliquids from reputed vape stores online. For this reason, most vape lovers buy Eliquids online.

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